Be an Advocate

Be an Advocate

Who can be an advocate? 

Advocates of Philippine Motorcycle Tourism supports opportunities for domestic tourism fun and diverse experiences; while taking at the side the safe, responsible, and sustainable tourism. Motorcycle sports enthusiasts, who take rides on the next level of adventure can express the wonders of domestic tourism. Motorcycle riders’ clubs and associations, a driven team together on exploring the rounds on provinces through motorcycle rides. Media and Influencers, the heralds of the 21st century who are empowered to share on digital platforms the advocacy of Motorcycle Tourism at the best speed! Lastly, our Local Tourist, who takes pride in the beauty of their hometown. 


What can you do as an advocate? 

As we currently push our boundaries to rise above the path of recovery with even safer and creative ways of domestic tourism, advocates are the right people who can bridge the gap of this aspired change. They can help us rebuild the traveling public’s confidence to travel domestically and eventually for the tourism industry. 


Ultimately, advocates have the voice in encouraging more motorcycle sports enthusiasts to engage in motor-sports tourism activities for promoting safe, responsible, road safety travels and sustainable tourism.  


If you are one, you can follow Philippine Motorcycle Tourism Program’s Facebook (/PhilippineMotorcycleTourism) and Instagram (@ph_motorcycletourism) accounts. 


What are the benefits as an advocate? 

The advocates of Philippine Motorcycle Tourism will get alerts on future ride events and webinars. They will also receive motoring news and updates every time! 


Support domestic tourism while building a strong bond with your motorcycle community. 


Be an Advocate!

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